Monthly Archives: February 2016

New Upgraded Web Page – March

Hi everybody and welcome to our new look webpage.  You will notice we have not a meet up place anywhere yet as we are travelling to ukulele festivals and overseas.  Watch the newsletters for meet ups at a later stage.  Feel free to contact us if you happen to be around Taree or Wingham and we can meet up for a strum between travels.  We hope you enjoy the new site look and a lot has happened since our last newsletter in 2015.

We have just returned from the fantastic Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival at Katoomba where we performed with friends at the Baroque Night Club on the Saturday afternoon.  It was a fun time rehearsing the day before with our Sydney friends and we thank them for their great effort.  The Blue Mugs ukulele committee need to be congratulated for all their hard work and what a great festival.  This is one of the festivals that everyone should try and make an effort to get to and it is free and there is lots of participation.  Next year it is held from 10th to 12th February.

Una and Chris also performed at the Paragon Cafe in down town Katoomba (see Photo page) and some of us are now getting ready to go to the Canberra Folk Festival where we will be performing with our ukes at the open mic and sing a long which is conducted by the Canberra Ukulele Club.  Anybody is welcome to come on stage with us or sit around and have a strum and learn from each other, and the songs we will be performing will be on the songs page shortly for download.  Please contact us via this site if you wish to perform with us.

Hope you all have a wonderful ukulele year.   If you are going to Trundle for the ABBA festival on 5th May please come and say hi as we will be busking in the street.

Happy strumming