August Newsletter

Hello Strummers

Well, such a drought between newsletters this year due to travelling around and enjoying the company of fellow ukulele players on the other side of the world, e.g.. Canada.  We had a wonderful trip to Canada and met up with a number other players which included the workshop group of about 25.  Our time at Hollyhock with Kimo Hussey and Januck Lindsey was exceptional – five days of ukulele heaven.

Kimo Hussey is a great believer in playing by feel and ear and believes these five things are essential to good ukulele playing – Melody, Harmonics, Tempo, Rhythm and Dynamics which all refer to the right hand technique. Both Kimo and Januck performed especially for all we Aussies down under so go to the video page to view their video which Val and Chris taped.

We made many friends and have now formed a sister group with Cutie Circle ukulele group in Vancouver Canada.  You can look them up by just following the link on our website.  As a sister group we will be sharing lots of information about ukulele events and friendships.  If anybody goes to Vancouver don’t hesitate to contact this group as they are very welcoming.

We have some exciting plans for the future so the next newsletter will have further details. In the meantime we hope to catch up with some of the local ukulele players and have a jam session.  A few photos have also been added to the site.

Enjoy the strum and the fun ….