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November 2017

Hi Everyone

Long time since our last newsletter but we have been very busy travelling to Europe and the UK not to mention other festivals in Oz.

The Scottish Festival was absolutely fantastic in Dumfries and we were lucky to attend the last Great Britain Ukulele Festival in Cheltenham.  We visited a ukulele group called “Highly Strung” where Val ran a two hour workshop and had a great strumming morning with the group.  Check out the photos and videos which will be uploaded soon.

Since returning to Australia we have hit the ground running and attended the Dorrigo Folk and Bluegrass Festival where we had a great workshop with “Twin Peaks”, a couple of Canadian girls who love to play the ukulele.  They were quite impressed with Val’s Banjolele and they recently performed at the Wingham Akoostik Festival.

We are getting ready to attend the Ukulele Jamboree at Riverwood Downs hosted of course by the Blue Mugs Ukulele Group and of course the highlight of the year in February 2018 will be the not to be missed best ukulele festival in Katoomba, Australia hosted by the Blue Mugs Ukulele Group where we will be performing as “The Strummers of Love” next year.

Happy Strumming

S.U.S. (Silver Ukulele Strummers)



December Newsletter

Ho, ho ho strummers

The festive season is now upon us.  Some of the events which people have enjoyed were the Newcastle Ukulele Festival and the Riverwood Downs Ukulele Muster run by the Blue Mountains Group.  These events were successful even if rain dampened the day in Newcastle but certainly it did not dampen the enthusiasm for players.  Riverwood downs was a great way to relax and end the year for not only the Blue Mountains group but also everyone else who just loved a strum in groups together around the camp sites and in the big barn even though it was rather hot.

Just a reminder that on Saturday 3rd December there is a ukulele muster in Wingham at the Wingham Brush.  Remember to bring your own food, there are BBQs for cooking.  You will need your chairs as well.  The event kicks of at 10.30 am.  There will be a walk up and group singing/playing.  Non ukulele players are most welcome.  There is shade but you still need of course to slip, slop, slap.  Looking forward to seeing you all there.

We would like to say a Merry Christmas and a happy festive season to everyone and their families, especially our sister group in Canada, ‘The Cutie Circle’ and to all our friends.  While Canada you will be enjoying lovely snow, we will be sweltering in the great ‘Aussie’ heat.

Thank you everyone for your support this year and keep checking the website news and workshops in 2017.  Val and Chris will be travelling to Europe and the UK to visit ukulele festivals and clubs.  We will post lots of photos.

How much should you spend on a Christmas Turkey? ……….. A poultry amount…..ha ha…ho ho.

…….and a ho ho strumming to all.



October – November Newsletter

Welcome all worldly strummers,

The year of 2016 seems to be travelling along ever so fast and it is great hardly ever having a ukulele out of our hands.  Riverwood Downs is only a few weeks away not to mention the Newcastle Ukulele Festival, all close to home of course.

The Wingham Ukulele Group will go into recess for the season with the last night being Wednesday 2nd November 2016.  It has been very enjoyable and a big thank you to all who have supported it’s initiation including new beginners.

The pre-Christmas Ukulele Muster at Wingham Brush will be on Saturday 3rd December commencing at 10.30 am until whenever your strumming fingers can take no more.  Don’t forget to bring your own chairs and BBQ food, and of course your ukulele and music!  This event is open to all groups anywhere and everyone anywhere.

Val and Chris are hoping to run a few free workshops in the new year so keep an eye on the website for dates.

Val and Chris will also be travelling to more interstate gigs and festivals in 2017 as well as the UK.  We hope to connect with overseas groups and share experiences and the joy of the ukulele.

Happy Strumming to all.


Hi to all strummers,

Just a quick update.

We will be starting a Wingham Ukulele Group on Wednesday 7th September in the Auditorium of the Wingham RSL Club commencing at 4.30 to 6.30 pm.

Join us at the friendly Wingham RSL Club for a singalong, play, or just listen.  The Group will be meeting on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month and all are welcome.  There is no cost.

Wingham Ukulele Group first gathering

Happy strumming.


August Newsletter

Hello Strummers

Well, such a drought between newsletters this year due to travelling around and enjoying the company of fellow ukulele players on the other side of the world, e.g.. Canada.  We had a wonderful trip to Canada and met up with a number other players which included the workshop group of about 25.  Our time at Hollyhock with Kimo Hussey and Januck Lindsey was exceptional – five days of ukulele heaven.

Kimo Hussey is a great believer in playing by feel and ear and believes these five things are essential to good ukulele playing – Melody, Harmonics, Tempo, Rhythm and Dynamics which all refer to the right hand technique. Both Kimo and Januck performed especially for all we Aussies down under so go to the video page to view their video which Val and Chris taped.

We made many friends and have now formed a sister group with Cutie Circle ukulele group in Vancouver Canada.  You can look them up by just following the link on our website.  As a sister group we will be sharing lots of information about ukulele events and friendships.  If anybody goes to Vancouver don’t hesitate to contact this group as they are very welcoming.

We have some exciting plans for the future so the next newsletter will have further details. In the meantime we hope to catch up with some of the local ukulele players and have a jam session.  A few photos have also been added to the site.

Enjoy the strum and the fun ….




April – May Newsletter

Hi to all uke enthusiasts,

Mamma Mia what a fantastic Abba Festival in Trundle!!!!  Over 5,000 people danced in the main street of Trundle (normal population 350).  Check out the photos page and see if you can spot Val and Chris?  SUS performed around the campfire with our ukuleles on Friday night and we were a hit with fellow campers who joined in with singing and dancing…..mostly Abba songs of course!

Saturday was a successful busking morning in the street with some of the crowd joining Val and Chris for spontaneous photo shoots, including one with the local Vicar. We also performed on stage at the local RSL Club where we sang and played Fernando to a large crowd.  The atmosphere for the whole weekend was fantastic with everybody having a great time….even the local Pub ran out of draught beer.  This festival is a major fund raiser for this outback town and if you happened to see the ABC news on the weekend you would have had a glance at the town of Trundle and all the people dressed up in some sort of Abba costume.  The Saturday night concert was a huge success with the local oval filled to capacity to see “Bjourn Again” performing.  So if you want a great weekend head to Trundle in 2017.

Val and Chris are getting close to their Canada trip and looking forward to catching up with members from Canadian uke groups and joining Kymo Hussey’s workshop on Cortas Island BC. We will post photographs and let you know all about this wonderful uke trip in the July newsletter.  In the meantime happy strumming.

……..and as Abba says “Thank you for the Music….where would life be without a song in your heart.



New Upgraded Web Page – March

Hi everybody and welcome to our new look webpage.  You will notice we have not a meet up place anywhere yet as we are travelling to ukulele festivals and overseas.  Watch the newsletters for meet ups at a later stage.  Feel free to contact us if you happen to be around Taree or Wingham and we can meet up for a strum between travels.  We hope you enjoy the new site look and a lot has happened since our last newsletter in 2015.

We have just returned from the fantastic Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival at Katoomba where we performed with friends at the Baroque Night Club on the Saturday afternoon.  It was a fun time rehearsing the day before with our Sydney friends and we thank them for their great effort.  The Blue Mugs ukulele committee need to be congratulated for all their hard work and what a great festival.  This is one of the festivals that everyone should try and make an effort to get to and it is free and there is lots of participation.  Next year it is held from 10th to 12th February.

Una and Chris also performed at the Paragon Cafe in down town Katoomba (see Photo page) and some of us are now getting ready to go to the Canberra Folk Festival where we will be performing with our ukes at the open mic and sing a long which is conducted by the Canberra Ukulele Club.  Anybody is welcome to come on stage with us or sit around and have a strum and learn from each other, and the songs we will be performing will be on the songs page shortly for download.  Please contact us via this site if you wish to perform with us.

Hope you all have a wonderful ukulele year.   If you are going to Trundle for the ABBA festival on 5th May please come and say hi as we will be busking in the street.

Happy strumming